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Dark or Light Coloured Carpet?

The debate rages on! Should you go for a darker-coloured carpet or a lighter coloured carpet for your home?⁣

Darker colours tend to offer a more relaxed vibe to the room and are normally a great option for living rooms and bedrooms. Lighter colours, on the other hand, make rooms feel larger and are often easier to coordinate with furniture colours⁣

Pros and cons of dark carpet:⁣

- Best for areas with a lot of foot traffic⁣

- More eye-catching⁣

- Doesn’t fade as quickly⁣

- Hides dirt and stains better (especially if you’ve got kids and animals!)⁣

- May leave patches where carpet has been cleaned⁣

- Makes a room feel smaller⁣

- Shows more dust and other light coloured particles⁣

Pros and cons of lighter carpet:⁣

- Makes it easier to compliment furniture and other items⁣

- Makes a room feel more open⁣

- Reflects more sunlight and gives the room a brighter feel⁣

- Shows more stains than darker carpet⁣

- Rooms with too much sunlight may make the room too bright⁣

Not sure what colour is best for your room?⁣

Our mobile carpet van is chock full of different coloured samples!⁣

If you'd like our mobile carpet and flooring showroom to visit your home or business, head to the link below and we'll be in touch to arrange a day and time.⁣

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