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Choosing The Right Underlay

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Part of the secret to the excellent finish of any carpet installation is the attention to the details of your floor preparation.

Thickness & Density

The key to a comfortable floor is all in the underlay! Not just any underlay, but the thickness and density of the underlay will ultimately determine the comfort of your floor.

In most cases, the more dense and thick the underlay beneath your floor is, the more comfortable and luxurious it will be.

CarpetMe offers a large range of high-quality underlay at fair pricing. '

What Material Is It Made Of?

And quite possibly an even more important factor in floor comfort is the underlay material. There is a lot of cheap underlay floating around out there. And if you're not careful, a dodgy salesman will try to sell you underlay made from sub-par materials.

Always check to see if the underlay being sold to you is made by a reputable company and ensure it is made from the best raw materials.

We can confidently say that at CarpetMe, we only stock high-quality underlay made from the best materials.

We do this to ensure your carpet is ultra comfortable and will last for many years to come!

Get in touch to find out what the best underlay is for your budget.

Will It Keep In The Warmth & Noise Of Your Home?

It can be a good idea to check the TOG rating of your underlay too. As a rule of thumb, underlays with high TOG ratings tend to be better at keeping your home warm and reducing noise by dampening sounds.

Important: if your house uses underfloor heating, a lower TOG rating can actually help you keep your home warmer

Is It Guaranteed To Last?

Finally, for total peace of mind choose an underlay that comes with a warranty or guarantee. Ensure the warranty covers you for the lifetime of your new carpet.

It's all well and good to have awesome luxurious underlay. But you also need to consider the quality of said underlay and if it meets consumer standards.

Always make sure any underlay you purchase (from a store or a tradie) is good quality and comes with a rock-solid warranty or guarantee.

Attention to every detail of underfloor preparation

There's no point investing in a quality carpet or vinyl product if the surface it's being laid on will cause problems later on, or reduce your new flooring's shelf life. We will make sure:

  • you select the best underlay to meet your needs for insulation, comfort under foot and durability to foot traffic and furniture and install your underlay correctly.

  • the correct levelling preparation is done, particularly for hard flooring - this can include sanding, concrete grinding and the use of self-levelling compounds.

  • any structural problems are considered - such as rotten floorboards, or borer.

We will discuss every aspect honestly with you and include everything in our quote process, so there are no big surprises once we get started on the job.

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